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Firm History

In 2000, following their graduation from Texas Tech University, Bryan and Brandy Ziegler left Lubbock and the West Texas Plains to begin their professional careers in Dallas. Brandy started out as a graduate architect at BGO Architects, while Bryan began working on various engineering assignments for Brockette-Davis-Drake.

In March of 2001 Brandy and Bryan were given the unique opportunity to work together at an architecture and engineering firm in the eastern Rocky Mountains. The couple left Dallas and pursued this new "experiment" of working together, side-by-side. They were hired by Mountain Design Group in Evergreen, Colorado - Brandy as an architect; Bryan as a structural engineer. The couple worked well together in this small, eight person office and were enjoying their time in the Denver area, until . . .


The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were a turning point not only for our country and the world, but also in the lives of Bryan and Brandy. Following the events of 9/11, they both felt the need to move back to Texas - nearer to family and friends, and the feeling of "home." In late January 2002 the couple accepted new jobs in Tyler, and moved back to Texas in February of 2002.

Bryan was hired by The C.T. Brannon Corporation and was trained under the guidance of the firm's founder - Terry Brannon. While at The Brannon Corporation, Bryan developed a passion for creative and unique engineering designs - specifically in the specialty field of aquatics. Bryan worked diligently as a member of the firm and in 2009 became a minority partner in the company. He flourished as the youngest partner in the firm, and in late-2012 decided to form his own new and exciting engineering endeavor - AQUEOUS!

In January 2013, Aqueous Engineering opened its doors with the intent of developing into a strong engineering presence in the local East Texas area. Since that time, Aqueous can proudly say that the company has been blessed beyond its wildest imagination, as it has grown to work on projects across the country - not just in East Texas. Aqueous has provided design services for some of the largest commercial developers in the US, and has worked with world-renowned architects, landscape architects and designers.

Aqueous Engineering aims to continue providing high-quality design services in East Texas, across the state, throughout the US, and even globally. Aqueous offers innovative engineering solutions in both the aquatics and civil engineering fields. In addition, the leadership at Aqueous is constantly "pushing the envelope" to discover new processes and services - such as its "Eco-uatic" initiative - that will help serve as catalysts to creative design.

Aqueous Engineering aims to be more than a typical engineering consultant, and we aim to do more for our clients.