On almost a daily basis, our world begins to understand more clearly that there is a delicate balance between the human population and the water available for our use. As worldwide populations increase, sources for clean, usable water remain the same. Unfortunately, since we cannot generate more clean water - our most valuable natural resource - our habitual wasting of water is leading to deficit of this resource that we need most.

Aqueous Engineering hopes to change the way the world (and specifically design firms) approach our use of water. Rather than be reactive by only considering water shortages once they're upon us, Aqueous would like to take a proactive approach to water, and design with water conservation in mind.

Please join us in an initiative we like to call Eco-uatics. Eco-uatics is a different way to approach design, and Aqueous is a trailblazer in this innovative endeavor. Our goal is to develop and implement designs that call for water conservation, water harvesting, and strategic reuse of water and other natural resources.

Please join us in this endeavor. It's time we ask more of our designers - and we encourage you to ask more of Aqueous. We're confident that we're up for the challenge, and we'd like to prove our worth. But, above all, we'd like to be difference makers – not only for our world today, but for generations that follow.

Make a difference - join us in our Eco-uatic initiative!