civil project

Region 7 Educational Service Center

In 2014, Aqueous Engineering was chosen to be on the design team for a facility renovation at the Region 7 Educational Service Center in Kilgore. Fitzpatrick Architects, the architect-of-record for the project, selected Aqueous as the site designer for the project. The engineers at Aqueous were quickly presented with a challenge that the Owner had been struggling with for years – a site that didn’t drain properly and, in fact, tended to hold water near the main entrance to the building. The engineers at Aqueous were immediately tasked with providing a creative and cost-effective solution to drain the site properly, so the majority of the budget could be spent on enhancing the building.

Eco-uatic Note: With the help of Fitzpatrick Architects, Aqueous developed a design that would provide positive drainage away from the main entry of the building. In addition, the design provided an underground cistern system that collects and stores stormwater runoff. A submersible pump uses the stored stormwater to feed the onsite irrigation system. By utilizing captured and repurposed stormwater, Aqueous Engineering was able to greatly reduce the cost of water that had previously been used to irrigate the property.

LOCATION:Kilgore, Texas

TEAM:Fitzpatrick Architects (Architect; Tyler)