civil project

First Christian Church

In 2013, Aqueous Engineering was a consultant to Fitzpatrick Architects on a renovation project at one of Tyler’s landmark institutions – First Christian Church. The church building sits at the corner of Broadway Avenue and Loop 323 – one of the most well-known and heavily travelled intersections in the city of Tyler. The church is a benchmark location for travel throughout the city, but needed renovation work to accommodate its recent growth, an expanding membership in the future, and new trends in worship.

At the onset of the project, Fitzpatrick Architects and Aqueous found noticeable challenges in the existing site that would require remedy. Existing parking areas were becoming crowded and required expansion, and there were several paved areas on the site that held water instead of properly draining. Aqueous was tasked with developing unique, cost-effective solutions to solve these issues.

Since the project is located on a site adjacent to heavily travel streets, careful coordination with TxDOT was required for any new utility work that would be connected to existing piping in Loop 323 or Broadway Ave. Since several storm sewer pipes were enlarged as part of the design, construction permits were negotiated with TxDOT by Aqueous prior to installing the new pipes.

In addition to the challenges presented by the heavily traveled intersection, the design for the site had to be carefully phased so the existing building and parking areas could be utilized for church services and a daycare center during the week.

Through careful planning and coordination, Aqueous Engineering was able to provide solutions that not only solved the basic challenges of the site, but also saved the church money and time during construction. Aqueous was able to work with the general contractor on several site alterations throughout the course of the project that ultimately proved to help ensure the renovation was completed on budget and on schedule.

LOCATION:Tyler, Texas

TEAM:Fitzpatrick Architects (Tyler) Sentry General Contractors (Tyler)