civil project

Jasper Ventures

Aqueous Engineering partnered with Fitzpatrick Architects for a renovation and expansion at Jasper Ventures headquarters in Whitehouse, Texas. Jasper Ventures currently employs over 250 people and believes their office is not just a place of business but also a place to serve God. With that in mind, Aqueous designed an outdoor space that takes advantage of a picturesque treeline along the property and allows for a space where employees can fellowship with each other.

The project includes a 12,000 square foot expansion to their existing building and new parking lot. There were multiple lift stations servicing the existing buildings. These were removed and a new lift station and force main were designed to carry the load of the existing buildings as well as the expansion. The site and utilities were also designed to account for future growth on the property. Aqueous Engineering is currently working on the design on an additional 17,000 square foot building to include both office space and a community event center on the northern portion of the property.

LOCATION:Whitehouse, Texas

TEAM:Fitzpatrick Architects (Architect; Tyler), studio 9612 (Landscape Architect, Lindale)