aquatic project

Curtis Park Aquatic Center

In the early 2000s, the City of University Park began to realize that although it had a large community pool, the pool was terribly underutilized and in need of a renovation. The once heavily used pool – a treasure to this community - had begun showing signs of wear as it was in need of equipment upgrades and improvements to enhance its overall usability.

By Fall 2007, the City decided to initiate the huge step of engaging an aquatic designer to assist its efforts to “inject life” back into this once heavily used pool. The goal of the project was not only to upgrade the existing facilities so they were safe and met code, but also to install some “contemporary” play elements that added entertainment value to the park without destroying the sense of class, pride, and tradition that this pool represents to the community.

Bryan Ziegler assisted the City of University Park with the renovation to the aquatic facilities at the park. The project included upgrading all existing mechanical components with a new, “state-of-the-art” filtration system. The project also included removing the existing PVC pool liner and re-surfacing the pool with a new exposed aggregate finish. An ADA-compliant ramp was also added to the shallow end of the pool in order to meet new accessibility rules that now govern aquatic parks and pools.

The most impressive improvements however, were the new features that were added outside the pool. Two large fiberglass waterslides were added to the park and provide hours of daily entertainment for children of all ages. Additionally, a new splashpad with floor jets and above-ground sprays was constructed and offers a variety of play features that were never available to the community before this project. Fabric shade canopies were installed throughout the park so patrons have several options for “beating the heat” during their time at the park.

The renovations to Curtis Park have made a lasting difference in the community as the City of University Park has commented that annual attendance at the park was dramatically increased due to the improvements made through this renovation project.

(NOTE: This project completed by Bryan Ziegler while he worked outside the umbrella of Aqueous Engineering.)

LOCATION:University Park, Texas

TEAM:Sunbelt Pools (Pool Contractor; Dallas)