aquatic project

Burbank Student Housing

In 2013, Aqueous Engineering was contracted by The Dinerstein Group to design one of the most ambitious swimming pool projects to ever be completed for a student housing facility in the state of Louisiana. The project included the design for a 500-foot long lazy river with an attached water volleyball and activity pool. In addition, there is a separate lagoon-style leisure pool with an attached warm-water spa constructed on the cheap Nike air max 95 site.

One of the most challenging aspects of this particular project is that its location – in the Louisiana swampland of the Mississippi River – meant that all of the buildings and structures on the site had to be constructed on timber piles driven 40-feet and deeper into the native soil. Without installing this sophisticated substructure beneath the pools and river, those structures would have certainly been capable of sinking into the moisture-laden soils below.

LOCATION:Baton Rouge, Louisiana

TEAM:Humphreys & Partners Architects (Architect; Maitland, FL) Cox Pools (Pool Contractor; Destin, FL)