aquatic project

Winstar Hotel & Casino

Aqueous Engineering is pleased to say it was able to design several pools, a spa, and a water fountain feature as part of an expansion project at the Winstar World Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The pool and fountain project was designed as an amenity to the new hotel that would serve the 756,000 sq. ft. resort casino. The overall construction cost for the entire project was $180,000,000.

TBG Partners was the landscape architect for the project and worked closely with Aqueous to determine the sizes, shapes and aquatic features that would best reflect the style of the hotel and its users. It was determined that a geometrically-shaped pool consisting of a pattern of reverse-curves would best reflect the “carefree” and ”whimsical” nature of the overall project. 

The project consists of a two large, recreational pools that are connected by a land bridge that spans across them. After crossing the bridge feature, patrons then pass beneath a faux “rock outcropping.” Water cascades from the top of the outcropping into the pool below while the patrons remain safely dry under the canopy of the rock. The pool has a continuous “rim flow” design which provides the unique look of the water gracefully rolling up to the edge of the pool deck. One side of the pool has a beach entry that allows patrons to casually walk from the dry pool deck into the shallow waters of the pool. In addition to these recreational pools, a separate warm-water spa was designed and located near an outdoor bar area. The spa is raised slightly above the pool deck and provides its users a wonderful view of the pools, the nearby resort hotel, and the other activities that occur on the pool deck. 


TEAM:Hnedak Bobo Group (Architect; Memphis, TN) TBG Partners (Landscape Architect; Houston, TX) Sunbelt Pools (Pool Contractor; Dallas, TX)