aquatic project

Four Seasons Resort

In 2007, Bryan Ziegler (President of Aqueous) was included in a design team to help “re-brand” an iconic resort site. The site is the Four Seasons Resort in the Irving / Las Colinas area of North Central Texas. This site is known worldwide for being home to the PGA’s Byron Nelson Golf Classic.

In an effort to create a new “look” and “feel” at the property, the ownership at Four Seasons asked SWA and the aquatic design team to completely remove the old, rectangular pool that had existed at the site for decades, and replace it with something new and “fresh.” The new design would still need to be classy and elegant, but needed to be a break from the traditional country club pool – something with more “flare.”

The renovated pool site now includes two uniquely “organic” shaped pools for leisure swimming. Those pools have several locations with wide tanning ledges for lounging in and near the pools. There is also a shallow water children’s pool with a trellis shade canopy constructed over the top of it to provide much-needed shade. The Moncler women jackets project also includes two fountains that have circular pipe water scuppers that spill into a lower basin that’s lined with native Texas stone.

(NOTE: This project completed by Bryan Ziegler while he worked outside the umbrella of Aqueous Engineering.)

LOCATION:Irving, Texas

TEAM:HKS (Architect; Dallas) SWA (Landscape Architects; Dallas) Sunbelt Pools (Pool Contractor; Dallas)