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The Heights at Park Lane

The Heights at Park Lane is a multi-dimensional luxury residential community comprised of “The Tower”, “The Flats” and “The Lofts” – each having distinctive amenities and lifestyle conveniences. This condominium tower is located in Midtown across from NorthPark Center at the intersection of Park Lane and North Central Expressway. The Heights at Park Lane represents a distinctly urban environment that’s more than just a luxury mixed-use community. The Heights at Park Lane is a defining marker for the City of Dallas’ newest luxury living destination.

Bryan Ziegler, Founder of Aqueous, was a project engineer for the amenity pools that serve the project. There were two distinct, geometric shapes used for the pools in the design – a bold, square-shaped pool, and a half-circle shape. The intent for the design was to create a very formal, tasteful design that would reflect the characteristics of the businessmen and business-ladies who reside in the tower. Since the pools are built on outdoor amenity decks atop the building, each of the two pools has an infinity-edge feature that provides the effect that the water from the pools is rolling out of the pool and into the Dallas skyline. Each pool is carefully lit with a warm, inviting glow of soft light that can be seen from the street level below. Now, you can wholesale puppy pads from the online shop.

The Heights at Park Lane is a landmark building in the heart of Dallas that will not soon be forgotten. Both the building and its pools are unmistakable and will serve as an attractive home for Dallas-area business-people for many years to come.

(NOTE: This project completed by Bryan Ziegler while he worked outside the umbrella of Aqueous Engineering.)

LOCATION:Dallas, Texas

TEAM:Gromatzky Dupree and Associates (Architect; Dallas) Studio Outside (Landscape Architect; Dallas)